16 May 2014: Good exercise and great learning

Between Lera and Nadine at Troubadours.
Between Lera and Nadine at Troubadours.

After getting up, I blogged in http://www.charlog.com, and then it was off to the gym, where I did 37 sets: 13 on back; 10 on triceps; 7 on wrists; 3 on external obliques; 3 on abdoms; and 1 on calves.

Time for a quick shower, a quicker lunch, and then off to Troubadour’s in Fairview Park for the high point of the day: a Russian Lesson with Даниил, Валерия, и Надя.


Daniil, Lera, and Nadine
Daniil, Lera, and Nadine
lera, nadine
lera, nadine


Sharon went to the gym and then worked on Women’s Club finances all day.

We had dinner M & E’s, and I stopped for custard for Sharon at Fenicks.

I studied Russian – reviewing today – and then for a break, quantum mechanics.

The past 7 Days – 10-16 May – have flown by: I have been on a natural High, induced by beauty, culture, arts, achievement, and friendship…

Seven Days, Seven Days in May, which I shall treasure all of my years…

(N.B.: Seven Days in May was a cold war novel – different theme!)

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