May 10 2014: A day with class…

Three generations...
Three generations…

My Russian Tutor Daniil Pleshkov graduated summa cum laud today from CSU with a B.S. in Marketing: an accomplishment earned with much dedication and hard work.

Daniil - left
Daniil – left

His Beautiful Mother travelled from Russia for the event (and brought two more beauties with her):

with Daniil's gown
Lera with Daniil’s gown

The event was in the Wolstein Center


I drove Daniil and the three ladies down in Вадим (our 2013 VW Tiguan), we dropped him off, parked and went in.

Elgar’s ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ always waters my eyes, and the ceremony was enlightening because of the many who earned their degrees the hard way…

with mom and her friends
with mom and her friends






I drove the five of us through the old NorthWest side – West Shoreway, Edgewater, and Lake Ave –  and that was the morning.

an example of a house on our tour
an example of a house on our tour

(N.B.: my wardrobe for the morning featured a new blazer  and a new tie from Men’s Warehouse at Avon Commons, near Peet’s. )

From chauffeur, I became chef, and made lunch at home (reheated leftovers).  From chef, I became companion, and we ate dinner at Bearden’s in Rocky River, and then Sharon had custard at Weber’s in Fairview.

The companion became the student, and I studied Russian and Quantum Mechanics.

After several meals, our kitchen looked like:


So I became the dishwasher, did the dishes, and cleaned up.    I rode my exercycle for 30 min, 8 miles, in what ever role that is, and that was 10-5-14:My Best Birthday Eve Ever!

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