29 May 2014: Thor?



Sharon and I had breakfast at IHOP, and then did, food shopping at Heinens.
I studied Russian  numbers,and colors.

Our landscaper came over, and we made plans for undoing the winter damage.

I did some tasks, and we grilled out.


Wednesday 28 May 2014:Exercise; Politics; and British Motor Cars

Mini is by himself
Mini is by himself

I trained at the gym: 10 sets on shoulders, 18 on legs, and two on forearms.

Next was our weekly dem lunch, and then it was off to my podiatrist for a new pair of shoes.


I prepared for the  local brits meeting, gave Mini a shakedown,


and drove her to the meeting.

Later, I blogged and studied Russian.



Memorial Day 26 May 2014: From Columbus to Avon Lake

memorial Day Lunch, 2014
memorial Day Lunch, 2014

The day started in Columbus, where we went from the Hilton Garden to our Daughter’s House.

Bill and valerie's front yard.
Bill and valerie’s front yard.

We went to Easton Center, where I studied Russian and they shopped.  We met Bill at Smith and Wollensky for lunch.

Sharon and I drove back home to Avon Lake, where I rested, blogged, did some admin work,and studied Russian.

We brought pizza and subs in.  I was a bit knackered to bike, so I studied and crashed.

Sunday 25 May 2014: Study, watch, shop, dine, rinse, and repeat.


I studied Russian, and watched the Monoco GP.

Sharon came home, and we drove to Columbus, listening on sat rad to the Indy 500.   A surprise is that an old friend from racing – Paul Page – still leads the broadcast team.

Weber Road
Weber Road

We arrived at our daughter Valerie’s house, where we watched the end of the race.
Then it was shopping at Polaris Fashion Place – http://www.polarisfashionplace.com/ – except for me, who studied Russian.
We had dinner at Hudson 29 – above.



Thursday 22 May 2014: Russian, Hair, Fine dinning, and an Opera, all in one day!

I studied Russian, completing my assignment, then I went to HQ, where the lovely Kim most attentively cut my copious curls

Kim and other staff from HQ
Kim (head tilted, background),and other staff from HQ

I studied more and rested, and then we had dinner at the Clifton Avenue Martini and Wine Bar, and then headed over to Severance Hall, for a Performance of the Opera “Cunning Little Vixen”.

Before the concert began...
Before the concert began…

The opera was very interesting, with fantastic graphics on 3 giant screens.

giant screens in place
giant screens in place

As we were leaving the event, we ran into Valerie’s Dressage friend Kathy Rizzoni – small world.

I rode my bike for 30 minutes, and enjoyed the 13 inning victory – on the road!