29 April 2014: Russian, Mini, and misc.

spI studied for my Russian Lesson with Daniil at Troubadour, which is right across from an apartment where our family had lived 1961-3:

Back home – it being a warm sunny day, I filled the bird feeders

flowers coming in
flowers coming in


adjusted the brakes on Mini, and went for a cruise.

We had dinner at B-spot in Crocker:


I rode my Bike for 50 min, 12 miles.

Monday 28 April 2013: Mostly medical

Shall we say wildlife.
Shall we say wildlife.

At Superior Medical Center, I had an echo cardiogram, and then blood work.

Broke my fast at IHOP, and then Sharon came home, and we had lunchat Red Robin.

Dinner was carry in, and I blogged, and studied Russian.