24 April 2014: Yoga, Haircut, new tyres, and old songs


A beautiful young woman named Jen came over, and made me more  aware of my body ( yoga).

I had my hair done by  the lovely Kim at HQ, and then stopped to get Conrad’s new tyres:

Conrad's new shoes
Conrad’s new shoes

I got Daniil at his flat, we cruised University Circle,


had dinner and a concert at Severance Hall


took another cruise home – through old lakewood.

23 April 2014: exercise, politics, and cars.



Trained at the gym – legs, thighs, etc, and then went tou our weekly Dem lunch.

On the way Home, I stop at Conrads and ordered new tyres for Conrad.

Blogged, made reservations, and rode my bike for  45Min, 12.3 mi.