Thursday 10 April 2014: Yoga, science, and the meaning of life

A yogi or two
A yogi or two

Jen the lovely young yogi came over and raised my inner awareness of my outer self…

We dropped off the last tax form at the accountants, and completed and sent in our Visa applications for Russia. (!)

Lunch was at Sorrento’s in Sheffield, and then we shopped at Heinen’s  for groceries.

In the late after noon – with the ambient temp at 295 – I drove with the hood down to my alma mater, where for the second time in four days I found my self attending a science lecture in a college auditorium – Robert Corell (Case Tech 56/64(PhD)) on Global Climate change.  He is one of the 2007 Noble laureates for the IPPC report on Global Climate Change.

The lecture was excellent: informative and entertaining!

Robert Corell

Afterwards, there was a wine and cheese reception in Nord for alumns.

The presenter is on the right - he is 80 years old!
The presenter is on the right – he is 80 years old!
With Prof. Joe Prahl
With Prof. Joe Prahl

Bake home, I rode the bike for 35 minutes.