29 April 2014: Russian, Mini, and misc.

spI studied for my Russian Lesson with Daniil at Troubadour, which is right across from an apartment where our family had lived 1961-3:

Back home – it being a warm sunny day, I filled the bird feeders

flowers coming in
flowers coming in


adjusted the brakes on Mini, and went for a cruise.

We had dinner at B-spot in Crocker:


I rode my Bike for 50 min, 12 miles.

Monday 28 April 2013: Mostly medical

Shall we say wildlife.
Shall we say wildlife.

At Superior Medical Center, I had an echo cardiogram, and then blood work.

Broke my fast at IHOP, and then Sharon came home, and we had lunchat Red Robin.

Dinner was carry in, and I blogged, and studied Russian.

Friday 25 April 2014: four kinds of exercise

Pete's Place
Pete’s Place

I began the day at the gym: back, tris emphasis, and then had a Russian lesson with Daniil at Troubadour Coffee.

Back home, our visas came, I had a dance lesson, made dinner,  studied Russian, general relativity, quantum mechanics, and philosophy – existentialism.

I rode the stationary bike for 45 min – 12 miles.

(N.B.: four kinds of exercise = weights, dance, bike, and mind.)

24 April 2014: Yoga, Haircut, new tyres, and old songs


A beautiful young woman named Jen came over, and made me more  aware of my body ( yoga).

I had my hair done by  the lovely Kim at HQ, and then stopped to get Conrad’s new tyres:

Conrad's new shoes
Conrad’s new shoes

I got Daniil at his flat, we cruised University Circle,


had dinner and a concert at Severance Hall


took another cruise home – through old lakewood.

22 April 2014: detailing, cruising, rescuing and politicking.

springtime coming...
springtime coming…

I dropped Conrad off for detailing at GK’s, and then we had breakfast at IHOP.

After my Russian Lesson, Sharon and I picked up Conrad,

Conrad at GK's - 22 April 2014
Conrad at GK’s – 22 April 2014


took a cruise in the Metro Parks, and then had dinner at Joe’s in River.  On the way back, we were able to pick up ed and nathan, who were stranded.

In the evening, it was the Avon Lake Democrats monthly meeting.

21 April 2014: clean, exercise, clean, exercise

When I arose, the kitchen:

after easter supper
after easter supper

So I washed dishes, etc:


Our new recycling/rubbish containers were used for the first time.
I then did the gym: chest, bi’s, misc., came home and ate leftovers for lunch.  I worked on our outdoor fountain, ate leftovers for supper, and then cleaned in the garage.

After which, I rode the bike for 45 minutes = 11.3 miles.


The first Sunday after the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox 2014


Valerie, Bill and I went to bunch/lunch at Athena.
I decided to take Mini to my Russian Lesson at Petes.

Mini at Peets 20/04/14
Mini at Peets 20/04/14

Our lesson  was on Russian Money:


Afterward, Daniil sat in the car:

I had to make a stop at a supermarket on the way home, and then Allen and Sarah came over and we had dinner.

After dinner, Allen and I took a cruise in Mini – he drove.

At the end of the day, they left:



I finished up with blogging, etc, and watched COSMOS!