Sunday 30 March 2014: From The Crest to The Pearl

the Pearl on Short North
the Pearl on Short North – a Cameron Mitchell restaurant


Sharon and I drove to Columbus, to see our daughter Valerie.
The 3 of us had lunch  in her Clintonville neighborhood at the Crest –,

The ladies shopped at Easton –

Easton Town Center
Easton Town Center

(I read physics and Russian) and then we were joined by her husband Bill for dinner at the Pearl.

my dinner - NO, I didn't eat the bun...
my dinner – NO, I didn’t eat the bun…

Saturday 29 March 2014: No Caption Required

Democrats who make a difference award 2014
Democrats who make a difference award 2014

I went to a campaign meeting for our next County Commissioner Matt Lundy, and then to brunch with Sheffield Mayor John Hunter, where we planned an email I would send to address a situation.

I had a Russian Lesson with Daniil at Peet’s Coffee, and then at six PM, Sharon and I drove through a snow storm  to the annual
Young Dems Dinner, where I received an award.

Charles Pervo, Paul Adams, and Dan Ramos
Charles Pervo, Paul Adams, and Dan Ramos
with the award and Jeanne Sekulic
with the award and Jeanne Sekulic



Thanks to all – and back home, I rode my exercycle for 20 minutes.

Thursday 27 March: Yoga, salads, hair, a martinus, and Schumann by von Dohnanyi


I  was yoga with the most lovely Jen – – who yogatized me from 11-12, then Sharon and I rushed off to
lunch @ ruby tuesdays, where it was salad bar, and then over to HeadQuarters Salon – – where the most lovely Kim – just off the DL – did our hairs.

On to late afternoon, while on the way over to Severance Hall we stopped at the Clifton Martini and Wine Bar, where I had a martinus, and we both had good meals.
On to Severance, where Christoph von Dohnanyi led the Symphony in Schumann’s 4th and then 2nd.

Back home, study physics, Russian, and watch Jon Stewart, etc.

(N.B.: Martinus?  This word looks like a 2nd declension Latin noun, the plural of which would be, martini …)

24 March 2014: “The best laid plans of mice and men…”


I trained at TRU COR – chest, biceps, calves and core, and had an appointment with my podiatrist to tune, trim, and inspect my feet. – see an example of feet, above.  I had a one hour wait, in which I passed the time rereading ‘A Universe From Nothing” by Lawrence Krauss.
Sharon had to go to the East side for OFWC issues, and we ate at a restaurant where the service was slow and the food sub par, which – with the above long wait – took out some of my plans…

(N.B.: Robert Burns is the source of the quote in the title.)

Sunday 23 March 2014: from British Cars to Cosmos…

from my Yoga teacher - meditation...
from my Yoga teacher – meditation…

We had a LocoBrits board meeting, where we laid out the year financially.  I saw my weight lifting friend Rick Ramirez.
I then went over to Peet’s, where I had a russian lesson with Daniil.
I napped a bit, watched some games on the computer, and Sharon and I had dinner at Outback.

Back home in time to watch Cosmos episode 3.