Sunday 22 April: Earth Day!

Last day of our conference in NYC, where I had learned, networked, and enjoyed the bird’s of my feather!

We left the city at 1 PM, stopped for lunch in PA, drove through rain, and arrived – via Jefferson OH – back at Rick’s on W.42 about 11 PM.

Got back home in AL at 1130 PM.


21 April 2012: Let the Activities Commence!

Up at 0630 ( at my roommate’s request), had breakfast with Diana at the Metro Diner.  (My roommate is a retired econ and history professor).

Metro Diner in NYC

and then via the Subway on to the conference.

We took a carry out (out sourced) lunch from the Garden of Eden:

our lunch source
food store

A group of us from Ohio had supper at a sports bar.

20 April 2012: on to the city.

I got up very early to get to Rick Nagin’s by 0630, and then we (Gavin -an unemployed truck driver from Indiana, Rick, and I) left.  We stopped in Jefferson oh, for breakfast, and to pick up others, including Diana (below).

At the diner ...

In our van, we made the trip with 7 people (1 child),

Eastern PA

and – after a long delay at the GW, arrived.

Diana and I stayed (different rooms) at a Hostel  called 230 broadway, on 101 st.  The rooms were sparse:

My bunk at the Hostel...

Diana and I had dinner at a local Italian place.

19 April 2012: Art, a cruise, and a dance

After a w/o at the gym, Sharon and I had lunch at the Market in River, and went over to the River Gallery to pick up our new ceramics.

New ceramics in the family room

We then headed over to the Metroparks, for a top down cruise through the Valley, and stopped at Weber’s Ice Cream on the way home.

Our dance lesson was waltz, we cooked out, and I prepped for my  trip to NYC the next day.