Monday April 2 2012: back and back

We had breakfast at a Waffle House in Columbus, and then drove back home.

Speaking of back, I  went back to my gym after my week off, and had a good work out.

Studied Rosetta stone Russian.


Sunday 1 April 2012:A birthday celebration!

Today is my Wife’s Beatles (64th) birthday.

In the morning, I had a meeting with Mallory of  OFA on the Campaign.

At noon, we drove to Columbus to see our daughter and her husband.  In the afternoon, the ladies shopped at Easton

This shopping complex has almost everything, from the outdoor stroll by boutique shops to the major department stores to (off to the side), big boxes.

I read and had coffee while they did hunter gathering activity.

We had  dinner at due-amici in downtown Columbus.  


At the ‘end of the day’, as they say, it was a nice birthday.

N.B.: Beatles birthday refers to the song “When I’m 64”,,,