Saturday 28 April 2012: eating out and resting

We had brunch at Mellisa’s in Rocky River: did not go well.  The service was slow, and they put ranch dressing on my potatoes – one of the worst tastes I have ever experienced.

Rested during the day, and then we had dinner at White Oaks on a Groupon.


Friday April 27 2012:exercise and blogging

Started at the GYM: back, triceps, obliques, wrists and calves.

Updated blogs, we had dinner at bob evans, and I rode my bike for 60 minutes while I watched the Tribe win.


Thursday 26 April 2012: Exercise, dancing, and an upgrade…

In the AM, I went to Fitness Edge, where I trained legs, hips, abs, writs, and calves.

I upgraded my desktop to Ubuntu 12.04 – all is well!

We had an appointment with our attorney on making a trust, and then a ballroom lesson (rumba) with Anya at the Avon Ballroom.

In the evening, I studied Russian (Rosetta Stone), and rode my exercycle as I watched the NFL draft thru pick 22.

24 April 2012: Exercise and fracking

I went back to the gym for the first time since Thursday: chest, biceps, neck, obliques, and calves.

I studied Russian with Rosetta Stone for about an hour.
Sharon’s computer came back from repair after only 1 week (Hooray Best Buy), we shopped at Heinen’s for food, and cooked out.

In the evening, I had an AL Dems meeting, where we discussed fracking in Ohio, and then back home, I watched the tribe win and rode my bike for bike 45 min, 11 miles.