Saturday 10 March 2012: labs, a breakfast for the ages, and a great game.

In the AM, we drove over to the new Cleveland Clinic facility in Westlake for Sharon’s lab, and then on to Superior medical in Avon, for mine.

Then it was over to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  After we were served, a server who was walking by our table carrying used dishes, was bumped by a customer, and the dishes and a half full cup of coffee fell onto Sharon’s breakfast, breaking a plate in half.  They cleaned up the mess, Sharon went to the ladies to dry off, and they served her another meal.

Management apologized, and offered a free dessert.

They should have done much more, and will not see us for a while…
We did food shopping at Heinens, and then went down to the Q in downtown Cleveland, where – after eating at the B-spot there – we saw Sharon’s alma matter Ohio U with the MAC championship game, 64-63.

Waiting for the rapid.