Mon 5 Mar 2012:Adventures in GrassRoots!

Began with a workout at Fitness edge: chest and biceps primary.  Less mouth pain…

I organized in my den, read some serious books, and then we had dinner at Danny Boy’s in Rocky River.

Starting at 8pm I deployed Dennis Kucinich yard signs at strategic locations at each of the seven polling locations in Avon Lake, and a few other very visible locations as well.  The last location was at Westview school, and after I finished there, I decided to check the section of Lake road by the old shopping center, and see if there was a location there: there was, but a Dennis sign was already in place.  I went back out onto Lake road, and went slowly, looking for another key spot.  A police car came up behind me, with every know color of light flashing.  I moved over, expecting it to pass me, but it pulled onto the berm behind me.?!? I waited, put the down window.  He came up: “Good evening officer.”
 ” What are you doing, where have you been?”
“Putting up campaign signs – see the back seat.”
 “Where was the last place you put one up?”
  “Westview school, and then I drove over to the shopping center.”
 “You seem very nervous”, he said.  Nervous? Totally Fucking Paranoid, I thought!: It is a Very Short List of Good Things that happen in front of Those Lights. He ‘ran’ my plate and operator’s license, and  then told me he had followed me out of Westview into the center.  Drug activity there, he said.
I asked him his name, thanked him, and told him I had worked to defeat SB5.
“Keep up the work, he said”.  I might have said “Voter for Dennis”, but I decided to leave it right there!
The victory libation will test even better.
Both Colbert and Stewart took the factually challenged fat boy to task.