Saturday 31 March 2012: cats, parts, wine, moose head, and a BBD

We had lunch at the wine bar in Rocky River, and then went over to update the cats at their house also in River:

Flowering tree at 20544 Morewood

Many Mini parts came from CA:

Drive train update!

We had dinner at the moose head in Westlake.

Back home, I rode my bike for 30 min, and then gave Sharon her  BD present.

Jewelry Box in basement barroom

Wednesday 28 March 2012: Russian, politics,landscaping, and classic cars

I got up early to participate in a webinar with Rosetta Stone on my Russian language studies.

At noon, it was the weekly Democrat lunch.

On the home front, I organized in the den, and Avon landscaping was here to plant new things, spread mulch, and prep the flower beds.

Flower bed in front
New holly's on North side.
Burning bushes in back yard.

In the evening it was loco brits: we had a presentation on the Garford Automobile.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Tom Brunner of Avon Landscaping came here to go over our landscaping requirements.

We had a dance lesson at Avon Ballroom with Anya, then at at the rush inn – a few doors down.

We had an al dems meeting, in which I was re-elected vice-chair.

I stopped after at a Place Well Known To Me for cocktails and conversation, and watched the late nite comedy channel new hour.

Monday March 26 2012: Blogging

I  finally caught up on this blog 9-26 march!  (Is blogging about blogging meta-blogging?)

We had dinner at red robin, I renewed my  rosetta subscription (Russian), and rode my bike 60 min.

I also got some work done on My 1960 Mine.

We watched the Comedy Channel news shows at the end of the day.


March 25, 2012: Grass Roots @ Home

Jack, JoAnn, Jack, and Joan

We had a house party to launch phase I of the Campaign.  We connect Mallory’s PC to our wide screen via HDMI, and then to the Net via wireless, which enabled us to see a video from the campaign.

Goodies on the island...
Jean, Joan, and Mallory

At the end of the day, I rode for sixty minutes on my exercycle.