Fri 24 Feb 2012:Lewis, not John (Carroll)

We had dinner at the Mad hatter:

They were booked, but bill caught a cancellation. ****1/2

all at the Mad Hatter
Son Allen and his wife Sarah

Below are Bill and Valerie (Son in law and daughter).


Thur 23 Feb 2012:all together now

I did a workout at the Sun Dial, Allen Sarah, Bill, and Valerie did the beach, pool, and bar scene.

from our condo

Planning dinner resulting in a visit to the Timbers :

All but I ate raw oysters.



Tuesday 14 Feb, 2012: Candy, card, sharing, dancing, flowers, and dining…

To start the day, I gave Sharon her VD present: a lb of choclate covered strawberries from Catherine’s Fine Chocolates, and left a card on the counter.

For my next Great Deed of the Day, I had made an appointment for our dance instructor Anya Kwan, at Representative Dennis Kucinich‘s office to discuss a visa issue with her Mother in Russia.  I am not sure if they can help, but it was a good trip.  With Sharon’s approval, I gave Anya one of the Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  (“In the Game of life, the Score is Kept within our Psyche, and what we do for our selves means more than what we do for others.”  Aphorism, 1987, cf pervo).

Knowing I would be busy in the evening, I rode my bike for 60 minutes in the afternoon.

As would be nice on VD, we had a dance lesson from Anya at the Avon Ballroom – where she shared with us how good the candy was – and then we had dinner at Viva Fernando in Westlake, having the special For Two.  They gave Sharon a Rose.

A Place Well Known to Me

“We will have these moments to remember…”