April 2018 – rehab!

brunch at Chez Francois

On April 1st, we had a birthday brunch for Sharon at Chez Francois in her home town of Vermilion.

April 4th I went back to rehab at Fairview Hospital: went well! 30 minutes on recumbent bike and 6 minutes on ergometer.

On Thursday I went to Severance Hall, and on the 6th rehab.  I do rehab on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 pm.

On Saturday the 8th, Allen came over, and we made major progress in the shop.


Allen and I got Mini up on the jack, and the prelim work complete.

up on quick jacks

We went to supper at Pier W with Allen and Sarah.


March 2018: major progress!


Updated shower bar




view from my hosp room (metro parks Rocky River reservation)

I had a haircut with the very lovely Kim on the first, and then on the second, I went to Fairview Hospital for my cardio version procedure.

I checked in to have it done, but the cardiologist said I had too much fluid and put me in the hospital.  I weighed 212 when I was checked in.

The procedure was performed on 5 Mar – a success!

I was kept in until 8 Mar, and weighted 186 when discharged, but I was very weak.

I worked on my strength at home, and continued to do Yoga with katie,  Russian with Daniil, and went to doc appointments with my GP and urologist.

Home health arrived, and was of little help they wanted me to use a walker, which I would not.

Sharon had bought us a new wireless router – a Norton Core – and I got it working.

Feb 2018: AFIB!

parts for mini

On 7 Feb 2018, I planned to start cardio rehab at the center at Fairview hospital, but I was in afib – irregular heartbeat.  (This is not an uncommon side affect with my surgery).  They kept me overnight for two nights.

I wore a monitor on the 14th for 24 hours, on on my appointment with my cardiologist on the 22nd., he told me I had been in afib all 24 hours.  We had an appointment with a specialist that day, and he scheduled a procedure on 2 Mar – a cardio version – to shock my heart into sinus (regular) rythym.  Some parts for our Mini arrived from New Zealand.


January 2018: Rest and Recovery

lunar eclipse

On 2 January 2018 I had a follow up appointment downtown post my open heart surgery- went well.

I read and watched TV – all the games.

For exercise I walked at home, increasing time.

On Tuesday the 9th, I resumed yoga with katie.


29 Jan was an appointment with my cardiologist – went well.

December 2017

those were the days my friends…

On Monday 18 Dec – after a number of appointments – I had open heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic to replace my aortic valve.

CVICU 18-22 Dec

stepdown 22-26 Dec

home 26-31 Dec

Gradual growth in strength and abilities




Nov 22-24 2017


On the 22nd, I went to Heinens to pick up our fresh turkey. We prepped for our house cleaners, and ate lunch out.

I studied and trained.

Thursday – Thanksgiving – Valerie arrived, we watched football on TV, and cooked and ate dinner

On the Friday, I studied, and had a Russian lesson with Daniil at Troubador.

We ate supper at Spice with Valerie, and went to the concert at Severance Hall.


Nov 16-21 2017

Katie takes the stage!

On the Thursday 16 Nov 2017, Sharon was out of town, and I did the shop towels and rags at the local coin laundry.  N.B.: cost 8 quarters = $2.00 per load.

On the next day – Friday – I studied, and had a Russian lesson with Daniil.  Our contractor Paul came over to plan some work.  Sharon got back around 5.

Saturday was a light day, with blogging and reading.

On Sunday the 19, I studied, blogged, and had a lesson with Daniil at Starbucks, in Avon.

With Daniil at Starbucks, Avon.


Monday, we lunched at Bob Evans, shopped for food at Heinen’s, and refueled at Cosco.

Tuesday, the lovely katie showed up for yoga.  After her session, Sharon took Babe to our vet.